Early Years · Raising awareness · Skills for school

Learning Difficulties in the Early Years

Possible signs of learning difficulties in Early Years

Early Years · Language and literacy skills · Skills for school

Early Spelling and Writing

The first years of writing development.

Early Years · Language and literacy skills · Skills for school

Pre-writing and early literacy skills

An introduction to the early stages of formal literacy focused on preparation for writing.

Raising awareness

On Autism Awareness

As the social media spotlight moves on from autism even before April finishes, there is much to be done to raise awareness year-round in schools and other educational settings.

Raising awareness


On the urgency for all teachers to have access to hight quality SEND training, information and support.

Raising awareness

Warning signs

If we read the signs, we can often support students to achieve. Why doesn't it happen automatically?

Raising awareness

Emerging, expected, exceeding…

I tried to let it go, but I just couldn't I had to share my reaction to the latest spanner in the works of teacher-parent relations.

Special Education

One Teacher’s Perspective

Just a brief introduction to my motivation as a teacher.