Mathematics and problem-solving skills · Special Education

Understanding numbers

Ideas to support mathematical skills acquisistion

Executive Function

5 memory boosters

5 ideas to boost learning when memory and organisation make things hard

Early Years · Mathematics and problem-solving skills

5 fun ways to foster maths skills

Promoting early maths skills through everyday activities and fun

Early Years · Language and literacy skills

5 phonics games

5 games and activities to develop phonics skills

Mathematics and problem-solving skills

When numbers don’t add up

There seem to be two camps for maths: those who can't stand it, and those who can't understand why it's not as easy as 1-2-3...

Executive Function

5 thoughts on homework

5 ideas to make homework meaningful and manageable

Shows and conferences

ACAMH Dyslexia Conference

Links to the speakers at ACAMH's dyslexia conference.

Shows and conferences

6 software solutions

Half a dozen helpers for inclusive education

Raising awareness

Moving on

As dyslexia awareness week 2017 comes to a close, let’s be dyslexia aware year-round.

Raising awareness

Dyslexia Awareness Week

A few thoughts on raising dyslexia awareness.

Executive Function · Language and literacy skills · Raising awareness

Supporting visual strengths and needs

For certain students, traditional teaching methods are not always sufficient, and sometimes not appropriate, no matter how sensitively planned and delivered. This may be for many reasons, including physiological, developmental and neurological differences. Some students, including many with with ADHD, autism and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, have what is known as a 'spiky'… Continue reading Supporting visual strengths and needs

Early Years · Executive Function · Language and literacy skills

Classroom visuals and displays

A few ideas on maximising the impact of posters and other classroom displays.

Special Education


What are SMART targets?

Raising awareness

Colour Blind Awareness Day

How much do you know about colour blindness?

Raising awareness

Warning signs in the Primary Classroom

What to look out for and how to support learning needs in the primary classroom

Language and literacy skills

Even more skills for writing

Supporting spelling through an understanding of morphology

Early Years · Raising awareness · Skills for school

Learning Difficulties in the Early Years

Possible signs of learning difficulties in Early Years

Early Years · Language and literacy skills · Skills for school

Fine Motor Support for Writing

A few resources and strategies I have found helpful when supporting developing pencil control for writing

Raising awareness

On Autism Awareness

As the social media spotlight moves on from autism even before April finishes, there is much to be done to raise awareness year-round in schools and other educational settings.

Raising awareness


Some thought on students' self-esteem